Our Courses

Bachelor Degree Program

  • B.A. ( Journalism & Mass Communication)
  • Bachelor in Media Science

Diploma Course

  • Diploma in Radio & TV Script
  • Diploma in Media Management
  • Diploma in Video & Radio Jockey
  • Certificate in NEWS Reading

01B.A. ( Journalism & Mass Communication)Intermediate3 Years / 6 SemestersRs. 35000 / Semester
02Bachelor in Media ScienceIntermediate3 Years / 6 SemestersRs. 35000 / Semester
03Diploma in Radio & TV ScriptIntermediate1 YearRs. 16000 / Year
04Diploma in Media ManagementIntermediate1 YearRs. 16000 / Year
05Diploma in Video & Radio JockeyIntermediate1 YearRs. 16000 / Year
06Certificate in NEWS ReadingIntermediate1 YearRs. 16000 / Year

Bachelor Degree Program

  • Bachelor in Event Management (BEM)
  • Bachelor in Businesses Administration (BBA)
  • Bachelor in Commerce (B.Com.)

Diploma Course

  • Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • Diploma in Company Politics
  • Diploma in Office Communication
  • Diploma in Business Accountancy
  • Diploma in Financial Management
  • Diploma in Marketing Management

01Bachelor in Event Management (BEM)Intermediate3 Years / 6 SemestersRs. 20000 / Semester
02Bachelor in Businesses Administration (BBA)Intermediate3 YearsRs. 30000 / Year
03Bachelor in Commerce (B.Com.)Intermediate3 YearsRs. 26000 / Year
04Diploma in Digital MarketingIntermediate6 MonthsRs. 10000
05Diploma in Company PoliticsIntermediate6 MonthsRs. 7000
06Diploma in Office CommunicationIntermediate6 MonthsRs. 7000
07Diploma in Business AccountancyIntermediate6 MonthsRs. 7000
08Diploma in Financial ManagementIntermediate6 MonthsRs. 8000
09Diploma in Marketing ManagementIntermediate6 MonthsRs. 10000

Bachelor Degree Program

  • Bachelor Computer Application (BCA)
  • Bachelor of Science (IT), (B.Sc.IT)

Diploma Course

  • Advance Diploma in Computer Application(ADCA)
  • Diploma in Computer Application (DCA)
  • Diploma in Desktop Publishing(DTP)
  • Diploma in Computer Programming(DCP)
  • Diploma in Web Designing (DWD)
  • Diploma in Financial Accounting (DFA)
  • Certificate in Information Technology (CIT)
  • Course of Computer Concept (CCC)
  • Other Programming Courses
    C, C++,JAVA,Python, .NET, Sql, Sql Server etc.

01Bachelor Computer Application (BCA)Intermediate3 Years / 6 SemestersRs. 25000 / Semester
02Bachelor of Science (IT), (B.Sc.IT)Intermediate3 Years / 6 SemestersRs. 25000 / Semester
03Advance Diploma in Computer Application(ADCA)Matriculation15 MonthsRs. 9000
04Diploma in Computer Application (DCA)Matriculation1 YearRs. 7200
05Diploma in Desktop Publishing(DTP)Matriculation6 MonthsRs. 4200
06Diploma in Computer Programming(DCP)Matriculation6 MonthsRs. 6000
07Diploma in Web Designing (DWD)Matriculation1 YearRs. 16000
08Diploma in Financial Accounting (DFA)Matriculation
09Certificate in Information Technology (CIT)Matriculation4 MonthsRs. 2400
10Course of Computer Concept (CCC)Matriculation
11Other Programming Courses
(C, C++,JAVA,Python, .NET, Sql, Sql Server etc)
Matriculation3 MonthsRs. 4500

Why Choose Us

The advantage of an education at Pleasant Valley is that our course Instructors are all professionals in the industry. They are up to date with technical, creative and social trends. And these resources, along with the technical expertise you need, are what they deliver.

We are interested in shaping he future, it utilizing the newest tools and application to make anything creative, effective and wonderful come to life

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Expert Educational Program


I’ve learned most of my front end programming skills and some back end programming skills through self-study and the material available here.¬†¬†Fabulous instructors are fantastic, interesting and enabled me to find a good job. Great place to learn!

Sonam Tiwari

Bachelor in Businesses Administration (BBA)

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